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1. Burning Bridges

Let this go and bury yourself. A life time of hurting myself is all I have. I?ve been pushed aside and left to die from your deceit. You?ve spit in my face to many times, so step up. ; Let this go, do...

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2. In Remembrance

These are the last words that I can say to you; A piece of myself dies within. Another piece to cherish forever; Do you remember the times we shared; And I keep playing these memories over; And over i...

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3. In This Moment

You roam with nothing by your side, But that?s the choice that you have made; These cliffs they seem so step at times, But there?s an easier way; You are left with nothing, nothing but choices. These ...

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4. Our Last Goodbye

This is goodbye; I search for you, through all that I am, though all I am is nothing. My lungs are punctured; So I will drain this hole inside my chest; And fill it with your blood. ; I will breathe a...

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5. Storm Chaser

When it all comes crashing down; I?ll bare these burdens with every breath I take; The skies are waiting to fall upon me; And bring me to my knees; Storm Chaser, you search for something in your life;...

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6. The Wolves

Never turn your back (oh God); So now it?s come to this, pull the plank from your own eye; So that you can see this clearly. Bite the hand, and in the end; They will suffer. So say your prayers. There...

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7. This Path I Walk

This war will save me. Though I stumble down this path I walk; I will remain pure at heart; And not be held down by these worthless insecurities; My faith will lead, my eyes will see. You lift me up s...

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