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1. 1979

I wont wear your uniform and i wont play the part; stolen dreams and stolen youth but you cannot steal my heart; propagndists piss-pot poor is the moniker and the drone; cant get blood from a broken h...

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2. Bullets And Batons

Yeah we got a right to beat you down; get on the ground; yeah we're rising up to put you down; ultra gang on the street tonight; single out the scum amidst the urban light; oppression and the violence...

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3. Calling

Future's black as the world burns with the pigs; in power are taking turns fucking you and feeding off; your flesh from the corners to the capitol; we all have to voice it may not be the loudest; but ...

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4. Disconnected Youth

I've been stripped down and kicked out and shown the fucking door, don't need no friends to make amends 'cause i'm the one at war, a word to the wise, don't need your fucking lies, if ignorance is bli...

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5. East Side One

I guess i shouldnt blame you for all the pitfalls in my life; all self obsessed and a callous broken will; an ounce of booze to chase your shame wont make it seem alrite; I'm a fool to think that i co...

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6. N.R.A.

THE GOD AWFULS LYRICS; "N.R.A."; Big fat man with a white bow tie stands proud on Liberty Isle; Spews racist's rights, religious hate and delivers it with a smile; Screaming at the top of his lungs ab...

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7. No Angels

On the west most coast of Babylon is the devil's septic jewel; An L.A. summer with the streets ablaze is for the starry eyed and fools; There ain't nothin' here but a suicide slide for you; No glitz, ...

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8. Orion

It must be hard with your head up your ass and a chip on your shoulder soap-box next with a one-track mind, tattoos, boots and pretty white shirts (hey). Your running your mouth again, it’s just a mat...

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9. Power Animal

We'd been twelve years down so they rallied all around; and they offered up the boys to die; trading blood for money, selling flags and spining lies; and business getting better was the battle cry; it...

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10. Sister

Said you were my sister, our bond was so strong, age 15 we made the scene, but girl where have you gone? Could I say I miss you, when you betrayed my trust? When you speak my name, do you ever feel li...

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11. Tonight

What can you do when you're born a broken soul, Broken homes & no love shown, empty pockets & empty hearts, I've been at constant war & I've never questioned why, Twenty years are nothing, twenty year...

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12. Watch It Fall

Complacent working class get up and off your ass; You say you'd die for freedom but the riot never comes; We need a revolution; A social Evolution, The socialites who wave the flag are holding smoking...

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