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1. 1788 (keenan)

One man, landed on the eastern shore today; White sails in a red sunset, we came from far away; New land, a new hope, for the free settlers that came; but spent nine months in the sunburnt land, it dr...

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2. 5am

Well its 5am and Im driving through to Alice once again; and the sun is coming up on my right; Ten long years of working 70 hour weeks, and Ive been working for the bank all my life; All this talk abo...

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3. Old Dark Brown

I heard yesterday you were moving up north, I hope you find what it is you're looking for; When the payouts were gone, and the work finished up; its just a town full of ghosts, and they're all down on...

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4. Raymond O'byrne

Young boy leaves his home, to seek adventure in a foreign land; A young boy sails away, on the journey that will make him a man; And i wonder what were we fighting for, gotta wonder was it someone els...

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