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1. Back

Now it´s time to fly away; Can you see? The time is over; And we need to get back; Just you and me; to the long road; The time is over; Can you see? Without any destiny; Chorus:; If I close my eyes; T...

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2. Glorybox Twist

Glorybox Twist; ; I´m looking aroun; Searching something like this; This crazy little thing; Call \"Glorybox Beat\"; Camom pretty baby; Let´s get down; Let´s rock in the party; Let´s movin around; Cho...

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3. It Just Depend On Us

My thoughts went down the drain again; Swear that you can make it on your own; Swear that if I leave right now you will be strong to hold it; Cause you know that I'll be back; And you know my biggest ...

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4. My Favorite Song

There’s no time for us; All things will pass; With other things; Everything has an end; What are those things; That builds our dreams; Yet the slip away from us; So fast; Bridge:; Forever is our today...

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5. My Little One

Take a walk out side your mind; Let´s break the walls between us; Today is just a day to dream; And if there´s a god, would he give us another chance; To live a better life; I´ll try to find; Somethin...

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6. Tinny Song

Tinny Song; No one can listen to me; A tinny voice from nowhere; If I had a chance to show you; How is the behavior of a lovely person; Hardly you´ll see someone; Who gets the same dedication; It´s to...

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7. Turn Loud The Stereo

Sometimes I feel this pain; I feel like walking away; Running away to nowhere; Hiding in the deep end; Turn loud the stereo; Show me some good place to go; Rock my world just like you did; a thousand ...

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