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1. Blind

Don't go blind brother; You have to search for the truth; Free your mind; And find out for yourself; ; Where would we be without the sand and the sea? Without a little help from the birds and the bees...

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2. Chocolate

Like a bittersweet pill, the kind that gives you a thrill; And then it lets you down, keeps you hanging on; She's playing with my mind, there ain't nothing left to find; 'Cause my judgment and my sens...

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3. Deceived by an Angel

1V: Trust you to stand before me like an angel; All dressed in sweet conceit, though I can't see it; I'm running around in circles, still I can't understand; But with my third eye open I can see that;...

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4. Does My Colour Scare You?

I'm a black man with a gun in my hand, I ain't got no job, no money to spend; I never meant for things to be like this, but let me tell you man; It's just the way it is:; One of them "have-nots" looki...

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5. Get A Handle On It

Walkin' down the road, tryin' to lose my load; Chick walks up to me and says "Man I feel so cold"; Do I have to shout, get your sad ass out! Freaks like you just make me sich, you leave me with no dou...

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6. Good Life

If I were you I'd be taking it easy; Kick back and relax for a little while; We'll all still be here tomorrow; Take time just to act like a little child; No matter what the world has in store for us; ...

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7. Juicy Lucy

Why you never trusted me I fully understand; You never liked me jammin' with yo' brothers funky band; You build your trust on honesty of which I ain't got none; If you can't keep up with me then baby ...

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8. Limo

(I am the king in my limousine; so watch me slide from side to side - oh yeah; Nobody can touch me, but you); Come on in from the rain now baby, come sail away with me - yeah; Who's been there to take...

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9. Mr. E

5 little kids in a rock 'n' roll band got money in the pocket; and money to spend; Drummer had a friend who had a cousin called Jack; who had a head for the good times, called crack; He liked to go cr...

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10. Plastic People

Fly fly fly me higher I don't want to come down; Tell al the plastic people: take a look around; You you can't be me and I can't be you; Tell all the plastic faces nothing they can do but:; Be yoursel...

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11. Rockin' The Cradle

Madeleine was a pretty little girl, why she didn't even hit sixteen; All the boys in the neighbourhood took advantage; of the little girl's dream; Now they may try to hide it, but you just can't justi...

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12. She Gave Me Love

I met my baby by the station; She said: "Can I help you with some information?"; 'Cause your train gets out at a quarter to five; But you could stay a while, you and I could get funky; To the rhythm o...

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13. Six pacs

Ladies and gentlemen it is my absolute pleasure; to introduce to you here tonight the Getaway People; for your listening pleasure; ; Six pacs and bigmacs keep us rollin' down the road; Cigarettes and ...

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14. There She Goes

Small town girl goes west; 'Cause she thinks its the only way to stay alive; She knows best who's who n' who's not; Who's hot and who's the more fly; Now when she stands before you; And you're trying ...

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