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1. Brightest Light

I am so weary, even the simple act of writing is exhausting; But I do hope these few words convey the boundless; Joy and gratitude I am feeling; A letter from joseph has arrived! A wonderful letter, a...

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2. Cape Of Storms

"Dear diary; My jospeh's latest letter tells of the perilous; Hardships he endured sailing round the cape; Of good hope in africa. He says its old name; Cape of storms, far better suits these treacher...

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3. Endless Sea

Ras! Aan boord; Your ship has left the harbor; On her way to distant shores; May her arms protect you; When the gale wind roars; What I'd give; To hold you in my arms; And be togheter; On a sea of hop...

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4. Epilogue: The Final Entry

"Dearest Susanne; My susanne! You of the most gentlest, sweetest heart; that ever beat within a living being! I am too late; Your spirit has already departed earth; Today, with my heart weary and brok...

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5. Eyes Of Michiel

"Dear diary; I have wonderful news, our baby is born! He is the most beautiful baby on this earth; and I can already see that he is a brave little boy indeed; I've named him after a strong adventurous...

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6. Heart Of Amsterdan

"Dear diary; This morning I enjoyed a bracing walk into the center; Amsterdam is truly growing and blossoming; It's all so exciting! I wish I could share it with my joseph; Fortunately I have no visit...

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7. New Horizons

"Dear diary; I have been trying for days to write a cheerful letter to joseph, full of news and stories to brighten his tedious journey. But deep within my heart of hearts I feel a pressing sense of u...

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8. Shores Of India

"Dear diary; After several unbearable months of silence; I now hold in my hands a precious letter; from my dearest joseph. He's safely reached india! The exotic land he describes in his letter; sounds...

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9. The Greatest Love

"Dear diary; I have a wonderful news to share with you; I am with child! If only my sweetest joseph were here to share; In my happiness. We are so very blessed! I must write to him immediately; Learni...

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10. The Moment

"Dear diary; Please forgive my melancholy mood, but today; I write hoping to find relief from my unquiet thoughts; For some time now I've been heavy with weariness; The doctor suspects a chill of the ...

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11. The Storm

"Dear diary; In this most recent letter from my joseph; (Included here) , he describes sailing through a truly; Horrendous storm an how he fought for his life; to be with me; Joseph's life was spared ...

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