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1. Breaking Away

I'm breaking away; Our love is falling; We can't seem to make it stay; I turn away; Harder and harder; I try I just can't pray; Break; Sleep's getting harder; I'm going insane I just can't see anythin...

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2. Choices

If i can't do; what i want to do; then my job is to not; do what i don't want; to do; ; It's not the same thing; but it's the best i can; do; ; If i can't have; what i want . . . then; my job is to wa...

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3. Clepto-Freak

Keep your mouth shut; Don't say a word; You're being absurd; Someone shouted from the back; Smack, I heard a crack; Of a hand on his back; He started to cry; Oh God; You won't die; BANG; Sound of a gu...

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4. Downfall

Chorus:; Why are you leaving me; Why can't you see me too, Why's it just have to be; I'm in a downfall; What's did I do wrong; Why are you ignoring me; It's been so long; Since I could finally see; It...

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5. Living In This Word

Living in this world; My life is faced with misery; Cause I have been living so siningly; Don't try saving me; It's a little too late; It was always meant to be; Chorus:; Breathing in, breathing out; ...

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6. Naked Eye

What's this I can't see; What I am meant to be; I just want to relax; And Try to be myself; This crap is killing me; Try to save me now; It's useless I told you; Just leave me alone; Chorus:; You can ...

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