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1. Assembly


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2. Damnations Morning

As mercy'sreign lays withered, magestic gloats unsung; Before the throttled kingdom, revel in our conquest won; Fate unreal until revealed, outpour shock's cruel persuasion; Barbaric ages restoration;...

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3. Enslaved By Chaos

Annihilation awakened, disease unpacked; Forwarned a thousand times, of your feeble future gaping black; Hellbent for blood of the innocent, souls we violate; Corrupting waves of hell ascending, Satan...

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4. Humanity Fooled!

Revolting, unleash the hounds of hell. Fall before your pre-made doom, the rebellion cease to quell. All ends loom, all destinys carry cracks. Heroic feats defying nothingness are absorbed by the blac...

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5. Invisible Paths

Forever pacing, the walls within our heads. Tempted by our dreams invoked from fear of death! The clouded sources of all passions fade to grey. Concealed in cryptic message, for what purpose were we m...

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6. Polar Fate

Beyond the sun, where nigh prevails. The pitch of blackness has won! The cold forever, freezes starscapes unsuspecting. Perhaps correcting, the faults the every living planets undergone! The ice is fr...

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7. Surpassing The Steel Array

Handed down through the ages, Amidst a history of everflowing war. A story of steel that guards all strength within the riddle, Ignores, demands to cure all flaws. "Entrust in sword, your very soul!";...

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8. Thrive On War

Arise in black, suprise attack! Forgo the ritual of the dark taking back! Their rightfull throne, return to home; Forever, left in debt be the legions that fail! Defiant! Hell Guide us! Where all else...

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9. Thunder Attack!

A call to war upholds us, uncoiled forces roam. Throughout before hell feeds us, our colours shone! Shone! Shone! Unlasting cries of reason, avenge our primal urge. Becoming, storming nearer, our vici...

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