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1. A Concealed Weapon

We came in from our walk last night; We've never ever been afraid before; Somebody killed the power to the lights; The darkness and the shadows were; Close predators of this wisher; So turn around and...

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2. Don't I Know The Way

Life beside me; Breathe upon me I pray; Curse the night; And blessings upon the day; I want it to be so fun; But everyone seems so young; Like I want to be; Now I'm here, it's strange; No miracles; Do...

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3. It's Not Effective

I can't deny; I'm willing but I; Was fool enough; Slow enough to arrive; And I was on time; The dying trees; Prevented the breeze; The militant thrill; That I thought I wanted with ease; Merciful, it'...

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4. Love My Way

There's an army on the dancefloor; It's a fashion with a gun my love; In a room without a door; A kiss is not enough, in; ~Chorus~; Love my way; It's a n-ew r-oad; I follow, where my mind goes; They'd...

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5. That's Getting Personal

Stop heartbeat; Talk about history; You don't feel right; Talk about ones you love; Father to his son; You'd better listen now; I think you'll find you're better off; Ask me how I feel; Now, that's ge...

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6. The Life Highrise

Your apartment on the sixteenth floor; Is like nothing I've seen before; The wiring and the pipes are on; The walls and floors; I never said I would; You probably heard that; But those aren't the word...

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7. The Mayflower Compact

I can feel my arms, my hands, my legs, And the darkness as I close my eyes; In the station in between the sky; And the earth velocifies; I can't lie, feel like my tongue tied; All my life, all my life...

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8. The Pure In Heart

We're thinking our lives are moving on; We're building tomorrow and beyond; We'll find out our house was built upon; A floodplain unknown to everyone; Fifty-six more years to go; Fifty-six more years ...

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