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1. Count The Saints

If I close my eyes, will it come to life? Is it something I'm dreaming of? If a steady hand, doesn't rule my heart; Will it lead me to somewhere happy enough? Now my soul is sore in a sinful world; (A...

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2. Echo

I can hear your thoughts; Oh, please don't leave now; I can't sleep alone; Chasing the light until the dawn; Tough we left a trail; Back to the way that it was; I can see it now; In your eyes you let ...

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3. Friday Night

It’s Friday night now, I’m wasting no more time alone, I know you’ll be there, Little boots and skirt, I know, It drives me crazy; ‘coz I know what’s underneath, And on the dance floor, We’ll start ki...

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4. Holding Onto Heaven

Starless sky, we've got so good at pretending; There's a side, a side to you, that isn't running; But I don't know where it is that you've been hiding; But I need you tonight; But I need you tonight; ...

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5. Home

What's left haging; In the air; In the air; Break the cycle; Round and round; Round and round we go; You play hide and seek; Now I see; Now I see the light; Eyes spill over; Start to swim; Start to sw...

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6. Night Glo

Hear the noise, tonight; You've burned down your light; Breathe you in, hold you down; You don't have to tread the line; Stop the noise; Words getting louder; Try to hide like a child; Hard to see and...

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7. Night Owls Early Birds

Do the walk of shame in your best dress; Put your hands in the air; Even though I'm still sleeping; Paint the roads on these walls; Just to feel like I'm going places; Join the rest of the world; In t...

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8. Run

You…you’ve got me running away. And you….you’ve got me wanting to say, That I can’t believe in myself. ‘Cos I…I can’t think of anyone else, anyone else. ; You used to think you were so in love, Well I...

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9. Shaking Heads

Shaking heads of dreamless people; Need to know if I can let go; Color blind 'cause now we're too close; And I cry but there's no use; On the back of an endless night; Flying under loveless skies; And...

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10. Suzy

Suzy came down to the beach with me and held my hand; We had met only an hour before. We kissed and then she talked and then she talked and talked some more, But for once I really wasn’t bored. ; Suzy...

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11. Talking To Ghosts

Glitter falls on the souls that were saved; Love lies cold and drowned in the waves; 'Cause you never really took it serious; Did you? No you never really took life serious; Did you? And I can be your...

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