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1. Betrayal Within Individuals

Thoughts float through my human structure; The destruction of belief reflects in grief; What has become of the creator of individuals; That gave birth to life and commitments; Why reward the mistress ...

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2. Cold Flesh Colony

From the flesh I feed - I am the one; Through your veins I am complete; From the flesh I breed - I despise you; Through your veins I lay my seed; I am the reaper - the one you curse; I am the very sou...

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3. Collector Of Thoughts

[Lead: Persson]; Never ending journeys through visions; A path - the trail of hollow minds; Dark lands beyond the unknown; The silence from nature embrace; Blinded by the science of man; Know your dem...

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4. Deamon Breed

Deamon breed; Deamon breed; Machines as fathers for our creations; Tissues burned and recycled; We're nailed against our own perfection... We're nailed against our own perfection... ; Our own visions ...

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5. Dehumanized Perspective

Walls of stone - life encaged; Lunatic voices surrounds; Destroying my sense of humanity; My life is drained by vanity; The calm of the killer glows in my eyes; As the reward for innocence repays; Hea...

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6. Dethroned

Blood-stained hands, feet the grim reaper inside of you; Remorse and guilt was never to be; Blackened out they will always remain; Only exit was to be under stone; [Chorus:]; Now they cry for the harm...

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7. Incinerate

As silence falls between day and night; With ice swept winds and cold rain they left; Shattered blood over the lost battle; Carnivore beast, a stench of the living; A creation that eats us up from wit...

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8. Incubator

I'm the one that keeps you alive; The diseased, mortified saint; Server forced to denial; Fictive life that you thought was real; Cursed to live in a void filled with filth; Eternal darkness has ruine...

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9. Injected Terror

HATE you were born with; Feel the religious demon inside - I control you; Slaying you from inside to out; I'm your creating from ancient of times; Saviour for you and beast from hell for them; Injecte...

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10. Inseminated By The Beast

Presume upon god's misery; Bring forth the majesty; Be emotionally prepared; Arise - sickness - arise... ; See birth prevail - embrace him; Welcome the eclipse within; See the invisible walls drenched...

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11. Mental Degeneration

A caged existence, a war in silence; Two minds counteracting, trading my fear; The void of my essence, a silence within; Broken, seduced by the profile they hold; The secrets within my bloodline; My p...

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12. Scars

You've led me towards temptation, guided me the way; Now you have forsaken me, left me to die; Dedicated my life in vain; Downtrodden and forced to the utter darkness; Divinity is just a utopia; You h...

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13. Seers Hatred

[Lead: Holm]; Reborn but dead and violent; You'll enslave humanity; Rise, reborn in flesh; To become the dreams of eternity; Determined to see their fall; See them bathe in flames; Advanced to a highe...

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14. Soulshade

Inside our bodies pale reflections; Spectral shadows witness their contracts; Congealed by the conjunctions; We now see the distortion inside and beyond; Inscriptions of blood written by the sane; Cre...

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15. Tabernacle Of Sorrow

Tabernacle of Sorrow; Dark reflections, beseech me; Shattered images of reality; With my blade, I beckon thee; Death shall be your destiny; The tormented pray for my demise; The anguish, the pain, the...

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16. The Hatebreed

Torture, Fight, endless cries; Affliction, terminate, burn; Flames, mangled, hell spawn, Frenzy, feast, slither; Scald, rise, fear; Destruction; Terminate the structure - speaker of sin; Prejudice ben...

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17. Truth Of God

[Lead: Holm/Persson]; The truth of god - a terror for the weak; Within chaos will rise to reign; Behold the future of this disordered will; Your fate is in his hand of rage; Seeds of harmony - mankind...

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