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1. Angry Anthem

If I had my way, I'd never speak to anyone again; I gotta say, I hate people I'm so sick of them; I just can't stand the bullshit I wish I was so far away from it; I'm just stupid and I'm angry is it ...

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2. Ball And Chain

[Originally by Sublime]; People listen up don't stand to near; I got something that you all should hear. All lies, all the lies she told to me; make a little part of history. I was always taught that ...

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3. Dance The Night Away

Alright..... ; And you see her, so fine and pretty; Movin with her style and ease; And you see her, from across the room; Yes it's love in the third degree; Ooh, baby baby; Won't-cha turn your love my...

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4. Fight

Fight! Fight! Fight! How come nobody plays ska anymore? I guess they all forgot what we were fightin' for; They're grown up now and they want to be respected; And be a part of the business we rejected...

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5. Go To Hell

( Hey Hey ! ); ( Hey Hey ! ); The cops, the bullies, they're always on my case; The morons, the dickheads, they're cramping up my space; The nazis, the biggots, the crime being done; The left wing, th...

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6. Good Old Days

You say you don't know; What you're gonna do; Without the good old days; that you once knew; It's getting harder and harder everyday; You live without those times; That have gone away; Someday these'l...

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7. Independent

Will you please hold my hand? I can't, I'm independent; I want to be your man; You can't, I'm independent; It's not that we dont know; Why can't you let it go? [Chorus:]; She's independent; She doesnt...

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8. Maybe I'm Wrong

La La La, La La La, La La La La La La La La La, ; La La La, La La La, La La La La La La La La La, ; Well every time that I think Im going to do it; I never make it through it, And every time that I ho...

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9. Mistake

Went to a party just last night; Knew it was wrong, but it felt so right; She was standing there with her short skirt; Looked up at me and started to flirt; We began to talk, I had nothing to say; I s...

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10. My Life

These days everybody's got something they want to say to me; These days everybody's got advice on how to live; All you mother fuckers well you dont know SHIT; This is my life and I'm the one who wants...

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11. Ska Show

[Chorus]; Hey, everybody lets go; Downtown to the ska show; There's a ska show some on let's go; LET'S GO! I wanna dance, and sing; And forget about everything; Don't wanna fight, or cry; Just have so...

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12. Vague Love Song

Went so fast I can't believe it; One day here the next they leavin'; I just never thought this could happen to me; Well was there somethin' I did wrong? I know you're gone; You've been away so long; I...

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13. Worst Day

Saw my face this morning, woke up to late again; Mirror shows me more than i can stand so i turn away; All the second prizes, all the compramises; slowly realizin' somethings wrong and i dont know why...

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