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1. Alive In Time

Running through the rain in June; My memories consumed; By what my father used to sigh; "The faster that you try to run; The more drenched you will become; Until you reach the other side. "; I've chas...

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2. Comfort Machine

Don't talk to me now; There's no time to spare; Futures are in my palm; Words cannot compare; Apathy's killing us; But all we do is stare; Apathy's killing us; But we don't seem to care; Your house is...

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3. Eye Of Storm

She was a darling; All the schoolboys hung around; She was a sad thing; Daddy's hand came down; Mommy lay there like a stone; And tried not to hear a sound; She's waiting for you now; In the eye of th...

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4. Lay With Me

Lay with me in the whisper of the night; Like a tiny echo I will keep you from sight; My world is a turn stall and I need you to hope; Girl I`ll never leave you, you remind me of gold, yeah! Uhmm, you...

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5. Long Gone

Teacher of the storm; You are not welcome here; Preacher of the noise; Your voice is loud and clear; Seeker of the fight; Your water boils thin; Leader, give us hope; And teach us how to sin; I'm so g...

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6. Lowlands

Have you been to where the sidewalk ends? Down in the lowlands; Gun shots barking wakes the children again; Down in the lowlands; Safely inside I watch my city bleed; Down in the lowlands; I have foun...

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7. Rolling Thunder

Rolling thunder hear my cry; As I wave the world goodbye; Rolling thunder hear my laugh; Cuz' I know it's the end at last; Here comes the flood; The taste of sweat and blood; Here comes the flood

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8. Smile

You try to fix me but I'm alright; I wear a scar behind my smile; I don't need help just sanctuary; Within myself I'm buried; You try to fix me but I'm alright; I'm broke (I know) to your delight; You...

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9. Under Iron Feet

We play with paper dolls and; Make the people get down and crawl; Smile with uneasy hatred; And catch the fruit when the tree is shaken; Suck the juice until the skin is grey; Call us the masters of t...

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