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1. 4 Am

While I'm dreaming of being at the bay; It's four in the morning; I'm snoring and you're on your way; There goes the alarm; Woken again by an opinionated dulcet tone; When all around you; The waters p...

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2. Back To The Wall

The leaves are falling; On every corner of every town's getting cold; Winter is coming and how; The winds have shifted; There's a chill in the air; Running scared from the wildlings; And whatever's ou...

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3. Chancery Lane

I'm better now that I'm coming round; My whole body's aching; I'm trying to keep my head above ground; You sing a song and it makes me believe in you; Forget the bus; I'll take a bike back home; Hones...

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4. Could Be Anywhere

Isn't it great? That you can go away with me; Take a trip; We can head out overseas; This is only a moment in space and time anyway; Are we only wasting time? Could I be anywhere with you? Could I be ...

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5. Good Garden

Sweat drips off her face; Mum is making the bread; I guess the wind blows north; He's heading south; My boy will drive the tractor; We'll grow what we eat; It's all about surviving on the farm; Where ...

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6. Krishna

I opened the back door this morning; I can see the yard is green; There's a spare change of clothes hanging on the rope; And there's a chair sitting beside me; A useless table sits here; A tray of ash...

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7. Nova

If it's so easy; To stay on the line; Then how come I'm falling; Falling from time to time; I'll follow the breeze that you left behind; It's not easy to stay on the line; What am I thinking? I've got...

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8. People You've Never Seen

When you lay your head with many horizons between; Lucky to be in a place where is good to be; I'll be thinking of you; Wishing you all the best; It's important to me; Believe in nothing but keep your...

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9. Raynes Park

Unexpected as life is; She was surprised and pretended; Won't you gonna draw today? I had to look back and make sure she was there; Or even if she cared; I want to fly with this bird; She's got the wi...

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10. Third Time

It's not the first time; It's not the third time; You've asked me what's on my mind; But I can't seem to find the words; Well you know sometimes; There's someone else I'd rather be; You know sometimes...

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