The Flight Of Sleipnir

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1. A Legacy Of Iron

A legacy derived from the earth; Passed down from those who fell; An ancestry forged from iron; A birthright to the next of kin; "I inherit the sword, The blood upon it still warm; The lives it had cl...

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2. A Thousand Stones

With words that weigh a thousand stones; And axes cleave through mortal bones; Wise men follow the black-bird's call; That echo through the ancient halls; Banquets rot in the halls of kings; Empires s...

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3. Algiz

Among the leaves of the ash; There stand four; Where hence fall the rivers; From stags horn; And within the water; The elk-sedge grows; With a touch so simple; Blood of severed hands flow; And as wate...

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4. Among The Slain We Are Chosen

With only the comfort of the rain; To wash away my doubts; I stand among a thousand men; I keep the company of death; With the strength of my brothers; I will emerge; To end the lives of my enemy; I w...

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5. Birchfire

Gaze into birchfire, freezing rain; Forlorn vision declared with flame; Descending twilight falls on me; In acrid smoke a girl stands plain; Her armored gates, her walls up high; Her famine sword, a t...

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6. Draugr

Phantom spirits arise; From the graves of fallen men; Black clouds gather nigh; Whispered words choke rotting flesh; Apparitions manifest; From beyond the mortal realm; Strength of will, thoughts with...

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7. Entombed In Earth

From wandering heights to oceans deep; I defied the will of man, I opposed the god's decree; Three maidens of the wood hath brought me here; I journeyed deep within to the point of no return; As I loo...

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8. Four Winters

There beyond winter's frost; Revive all growth that once was lost; Through forests shadowed from light of day; Vitality forgotten within the shades so grey; Long winter's cold hath passed; Now spring ...

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9. Nine Worlds

The ancient sun sets, I rise again; I rise again; Journey long and toilsome; I stand before the spring; Before the spring; Waters flow beneath me; The eyes of the one who knows; The one who knows; Wat...

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10. The Seer In White

Out from the mist she came; Wet from the morning rain; Her hand stretched out to me; Her face without expression; And then she spoke unto me; A foresight of destiny; Her eyes a gateway beyond; Her pre...

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11. The Serpent Ring

Within the void, the mighty deep; Lies below a serpent ring; Beneath its coils rest earth and stone; Against its skin black waters flow; It reaches beyond the grasp of man; Stretching further than a m...

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12. Transcendence

Awaken to the nine of white; Distant from the world above; The waves come echoing from afar; Transcending beneath the surface; Embraced by the infinite abyss; In the shadows a figure sits; Contemplati...

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13. Upon This Path We Tread

Out from the cave the hound does call; Broken fetters, the wolf runs free; Much have I known and more I have seen; The fate of the gods prowess in war; From the east with shield held high; Hrym at the...

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