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1. Acido

Let me see the place where you used to live; Let me drag your mouth and make you breath; I'll show you the otherside, and you'll have fun; I'll give you another world, and you'll die young; Now close ...

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2. Bluff

Hey, say but do it; you don't plant your seeds of rage and run away; You have no reasons to be proud; I have no reasons to…; Stay; Hey, I wanna see some action; You must pull the trigger before trying...

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3. Cat

The sun has never been so warm; The rain has never been so calm; I'm seeing seven moons; Each one in a color; I'm listening to a hundred Birds; Each one with a different voice; The Fire keeps burning;...

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4. Dear Inertia

The Sidewalk look's too much too smooth to walk, but; I will try it, I will try it; Your eyes look's too much deep to see, but; You can try it, you can try it; Some guy approaches me and say; Where's ...

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5. Dry Sigh

I waited for too long; But not without trying; Now We're at the right place; at the wrong timing; One moment of silence; And I look at you; You're holding your Sigh; And I'm feeling cool; And your yel...

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6. Faraway Night Club

One, for the nation; One, for the pain; Two, for my girl; Three, for the rain; And four…To my old good friends; One more for what I can't left behind; A last one for what I can't find; One, for the lo...

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7. Girls Change

You are in love; And you wanna it once more; Forget it, you got poor; Get away; The things change, hearts change; Now you are a strange; Between love and hate; There's just a litle space; Between love...

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8. Napalm

I know that your despair; Is what gonna kill you; Mom said “How unfair”; But Your left hand will burn too; And you worry! And lose control of your mind; And you worry! Cause there's no time, you think...

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9. Paul and Jane

Paul and Jane, went up to the plain; To watch the sun rising in a different way; After that day, they decide to stay; Down there were sad, everyone were the same; They don't want come back…; They don'...

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10. Restaurant of Love

Come in, you can start; Chew my heart, chew my heart; Come on, you see my soul; Hot and cold, Hot and cold; Chew, chew, My Brain; Chew it again; Come in, you like my seed; And I like the way you feed;...

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