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1. Destroy The Supermarket

i know youre feeling down, feeling lonely; i know youre pissed that she left you on your own; but theres something that can offer a little consolation; -or at least get your lame ass off the couch whe...

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2. I Only Have Eyes For You

My love must be a kind of blind love; I can't see anyone but you; Sha bop sha bop; Are the stars out tonight; I don't know if it's cloudy or bright; I only have eyes for you dear; The moon may be high...

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3. Mike Mullane

every day working hard pushing on for something thats not there; but he cares hopes he wont turn out to nothing; does it cause he has to guess its what somebody told him; guess nobody said that you go...

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4. Salt Shaker

Dont it feel so nice to be done dont know; I never finish give me a little time to be someone time is running out the door; I go another day tonight Ill sleep it away from here I go but when I come ba...

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