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1. I'm Open To Suggestions

You're so fake, its just too little too late, I won't wait; I'll wait; The older with the new. ? Figure it out just too far done; when everything is said and done; For all the times I should've said i...

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2. Kicks

Little hapiness we made; Summer fades into restraints; Some things are better left unsaid; Got it all but you want more; Rise just to fall; This town is really testing my patience; Though I can't comp...

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3. Shark Attack

Wait; I wait alone; I'm looking in but no one's home; I don't care who you are; I'm here to tear your apart; I know you're scared of the dark; Where is the light I need? This walls are crumbling; I ca...

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4. Sit Tight

Let I go, I hear nothing stays the same; You cast away, we salute the ones; That didn’t make the grade; There must be something more, As the season change in may, And you will know; What it’s like to ...

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