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1. All The Same

Open Sky, Through the window; I see; The world outside; Nothing feels my mind; Except the thought; That you might; Put your hand in mine; It’s not a question; This is the answer; You don’t deny me; Yo...

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2. Anywhere

All the things I say; The lies I tell; No one is left to take me to hell; Everyone I've ever known has somehow left me here alone; Take it all; Take what you want; 'Cause this time I'm never coming ho...

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3. Here With Me

Lyrics for "Here With Me"; 1st verse:; I wish I could be closer to where you are / I wish that you could be here in my arms / it killed me inside out just to see you go / I guess i shoud have thought ...

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4. Leave The Broken Hearts

another night, another episode; that makes me feel just right; and i can't see through this; bottle to save my life; i'm lost; there's nowhere to go; and i can't trust you; as far as i throw; this tim...

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5. Rain

Started running never looked back; I'll never see your face again; Did you think I would fall for it this time; Yeah and this time; Why do you take me for? I'll be fool to take the blame; Remember I'm...

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6. Ready To Explain

I think i'm ready to explain; how much my words were in vain; beautiful girl in the rain; she takes my breath away; i don't know what i'm doing here; this time i know it's love my dear; don't cry it's...

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