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1. Big Rdv

No need to make up you're natural; the way you speak that's original; I wanna eat you like animal; the way you move that's physical; [chorus]; just get out of party time; I'm feelin' down when sun com...

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2. Can You Touch Me?

I could tell you about politics; I could tell you how to make a fix; I could tell you that I hate you; I could chat up with your mother too; I could be kind, could be your man; I will spank you, you w...

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3. Death Song

You don't know why; why you've got to die; but you're feeling strange; "you know you know you've got to make it"; I send a magic mind to somebody dead and high; to keep on riding fast to the end of th...

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4. Dsl Blues

When I see you , on my computer; I'm talking to you, I'm smocking over; You're looking so pretty; Take off the top; You're looking so sexy; I don't know your name; Your telephone number; I'm going ins...

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5. From To

O, nan choumbuto, jigum gobaekhanuni sungankkaji; Onuri ogirul baraessoyo, jogum ddollyowaegin hajiman; Damadwitdon yaegidulgwa, sonmurun junbihaetjyo; Gudaedo jogumun dallaboyo, hogshi naemamul maraj...

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6. Hey! My Lovely Girl

Hey! my lovely girl you look like a boy; you're often angry, often about me.

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7. Johnny Showtime

Too many girls, knows his bed; so kiss me johnny that's what she said; long collars, she's got Jagger's lips; with his band they try to make a hit; He takes drugs, strikes a pose like the new york dol...

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8. Kids !

Teenagers are ready to kick the night; smells good but ready to fight; ok to die, even in a car crah; blue cops comin' in a flash light; [chorus]; Kids! so just clap your hands; your face is yellow; y...

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9. Letter

Nan gudaeyege bbyonjirul ssundabnida, jang uri oraenmanijiyo? Gudongman uri mannal sun obsotjiman, dangshindo jal jinaedo itjogetjyo? Jangbwaen bombiga hulppuryonunde, mudyojin shiganul kkonaeyo; Chuo...

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10. Lipstick

Make up your face; it's time to go; tonight is your night; a moment of grace; are you feeling strange? are you feeling sexy? rise out from the shade; rise out from the shade; tonight is your night a m...

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11. Ou Est Le Plaisir ?

Apres quatre verres de zubrowska; il faut qu'ramene nina chez moi; cherie joue au monopoly; la case depart est dans mon lit; elle sait qu'elle est classe quand elle ondule; nina n'a pas peur du ridicu...

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12. Top Of The Hopes

Do you know; how to play; when I'm loving you everyday; Just be on your top; there will be no stop; Stil I know; if you're ok; I'm around and I pray; Just ride on to slop; I'll take you to the top; ; ...

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