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1. Bastard Coppers

Bastard coppers on the street, walking around on the beat. Pissing us off, laying down the law, we'll show them when they hit the floor. Jumped up pricks with cs gas, swinging truncheons in their mass...

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2. Better Way

Can you tell me you'd rather be in this one on one society, And not in anarchy where we can live for each other not the people that lead? We know it would be hard to bring down the system. Look to Sea...

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3. Hiroshima

August 6th 1945, A day many inoccent people died. President Truman lost his fucking head. 100,000+ people left dead. B29 cutting through the sky; Disregarding human life. U.S. pride it had to win. Can...

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4. Life's Not A Privilege

Your life's not a privilegeto be taken away by the state, Who never done you any favours anyway. An eye for an eye, and one day we will all be blind. The time is now the world must change. What would ...

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5. Oi! It's The Filaments!

What do yo think to look at this stage, Recognise, we run the place. Bootboy ska, fucked up brass. Shove the attitude up your arse! Think real hard and watch this space. Thirty raw knuckles in your fa...

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6. Our Roots

Pink Toothbrush on a Friday night. Having a beer, getting pissed on red stripe. Everyone knows where you're coming from. Having a beer and hanging out with Nailbomb. Punks and skins in steel toed boot...

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7. Punk Unity

There's something we all need, something called punk unity. ; It's something we all need, the force we use, the air we breathe. Stand up and join as one. We're never giving in, every punk and every sk...

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8. Thrown Away

Don't believe what they say, none of it's true. They've walked all over the weakest, now they're gonna come back for you. You've got to understand they don't care about me and you, no way. ; They've s...

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9. Trevor

Trevor was a skinhead, he was sitting at the bar, Sipping at his pint of beer and listening to ska. Well he loves his Punk! He loves his Oi! Trevor is our boy; And as the firm go marching in he shouts...

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10. Uk Now

Walking through the station just a couple of weeks ago gotta get home toninght. But the fucking BNP have got their shit on the wall how can they want another fucking third reich? Well unite. We must f...

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