The Fifth Season

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1. Autumn - After The Silence

After the silence; I seem a hero again; And they mis; My words of love; After the silence; Their eyes look at me; Everithing seems so changed; Could they ever forgive me? After the silence the bells d...

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2. Breathe Of Summer

I've waited; for the sun; For too much time; But now is there that; Looks at me from above; Light needeles; Transfix my heart; Dancing and triping; In the darkness of my mind; Breathe of summer; Sweat...

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3. Spring In A Drop

A moment yet; Everithyng has a colour now; A new world's sweat simphony; Bright echoes of a new life; Hopefull I made my shield; Where i can hide; myself from the people; Night by night; Dreamin' what...

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4. The Fifth Season

Good night world! Farewell lies! In this earth of lights; And colors; Smiling faces receive me; Nobody lies nobody cries; Once the fear made me lonely; 'Cause hate; Touched every word; But now snow fl...

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