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1. Considering The Options

considering the options; dont mention it at all; just promise me this one thing; that you will stay this beautiful; in your never ending sleep; i feel so fine; for someone who never had a soul; remind...

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2. Paint The Town Red

The scene erased in time and left our hearts to dry on canvas dripping years , years of neglees feel this pull ? Sometimes selling out , color begin to cave in , and were still like our eyes wash away...

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3. Rainy Days In The Big City

been raining for some days.. and all I think is just how cold it really is; how cold it has become; its hard to tell when I've felt dead for this year; and still soaked in greed and still drenched in ...

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4. Satelitte

Suddenly, like a gust of wind, the machine changes our design; parallel to the offbeat drums that keep us all out of pace; uncertain and cold, like you've been for days; one can see how this mess all ...

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5. Take Everything Back

every time I open up my eyes; the innocence and purity goes; and I wake up every day blind; the innocence and purity is gone; you shouldn't say anything, not a word, I feel no pain; I'm jumping out of...

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6. Three Weeks

Three weeks , four days , nine hours , forty seconds , and counting . And its you I come back again . As you and I never made more sense Ever since we first met m it was destined to be . It’s been thr...

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