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1. Carolina

My heart resides in a single time; A single moment, a single line; A single word with a single meaning; A single dream that's still worth dreaming; A single chance in a single life; A single vision be...

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2. City Lights

And if I'm stranded here without you near; Then I won't make it; But these city lights, they look so bright; You'd think they'd let it; But I'm saying bye to this town; And I don't want to lose you to...

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3. Leaving You Out

I've walked these halls a million times; With this feeling of endless repetition; And it's hard to argue with things; That you can't comprehend so you let go; Think in ideas and fragmented phrases; Le...

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4. One For The Road

A restless feeling takes me away spinning? With my closest friends around me? A moment in time passes, I won't miss it? Take in every word and every minute?? Dreaming of somewhere I wouldn't want to l...

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5. Open Invitation

Don't want to repeat situations; Keeping moving in a forward motion; I want to relieve complications; Remove this temporal devotion; So I talked?And we talked; And she talked?And we talked; I guess I'...

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