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1. Another Foot To Shovel

A torrid kiss ignites the flame; With these swollen hearts the fires will rage; A scar from the past sends icy rains; The warmth of love will turn healing to pain; Past scars. jaded. ; Dig away, scrap...

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2. Ascend

I tried to do it on my own; That time is wasted; My mind and evil has grown; I had to face it; Deliver me from this pain; Without you I have failed; Make me whole again; It's been so long since I've s...

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3. Behemoth

From the earth iron rises; An awakening, a rebirth; Lifted on wings of ashes; All moving forward; As it falls all around us; Failure climbs with heavy limbs; Our eyes, a witness to everything; As all ...

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4. Breathe In The Darkness

Oh descension coursing through these veins. Never having had the chance to tell you to your face. In the earth you will remain. Taking more than could be repaid. Uplift, drown it, breathe in darkness....

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5. Consume, Devour, Repeat

Plans of man done in the darkness; Sleight of hand will be the process; Enemies created from ghosts; To lure the fools into hunting shadows; The target centuries old; Lust for power and control; Bow d...

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6. Cut From The Stone

Can you stand like a man? Face the war and earn it; Blood for blood you heard it; This is what you're made of; Broken will, broken dreams; Grease the gears of the modern machine; Live...bold... ; The ...

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7. Death Threat

Bleed through this life filled with sorrow; Rebuild with promise of tomorrow; Burn away this living hell and all that try to stop it; Remains of callous heart and treason; Begin to rise against and co...

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8. Fading Glory

Their name is murder. Seeing all through the eyes of a god. Voices so breathless. What are you waiting for? End it all. strap it on and set it off. This world is ripe for a slaying. Truth, justice, th...

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9. Killing For Sport

Unleash the horror; Evolution moving forward; Forgotten compassion; Nothing left within destruction; Intent on ruin to quench desire; As the skies open up and you fall to your knees; The darkest of he...

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10. Reflection Opposition

Waiting with baited breath. Smelling the stench of death. Parting with a severed head. Now we're all left for dead. Sediment to the surface. They all start rolling now. Rearing the side they always hi...

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11. Scar The Earth

Son of war; Stand at the front; Take it by force; Leave no one behind; Scar the earth with the sword; Bringing forth a rebirth; It's the dawn of a new day; The air smells of revolution; Our victory ex...

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12. Stiched In Plastic

Confident that the arms of the law can't reach you; Crack the whip, snap the backs of the ones who; Elect you; The hope of the people? What about all the promises? So now what do we get? But in the pu...

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13. The South Will Rise

Drink it away; Medicate; A catalyst for it to operate; Sons of the fallen; Seed of the flies; The raven is calling; The south, it will rise; Crawling from darkness; Makes way to the surface; Feeding m...

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14. Unending Silence

I'm alone, all alone, creeping years; The seed now sleeps in me; To my bitter end I've seen the world; It tells me I'm alone; My pillowed head wakes the dead; The dead asleep in me; Dying days, idle w...

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