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1. Battle For The Sun

I feel the fire from my heart growing colder; Please tell me there's a way to bring it back to life; Blood, sweat and tears; From all these years and not a thing to show; It's a miracle that we're sti...

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2. Bring Out Your Dead

Bring out your dead, we're raising hell; The new sex that sells; There will be no redemption; Cause it won't be long 'til you jump on this; So you wanna see hell? wanna make this real? Cross your hear...

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3. Broken Hands

If you push, you pull; you'll tear this thing apart; The dream is only dead when there's no beating in your heart; You think I'm out of touch, I'm out of time; Maybe you should stop before you cross t...

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4. Cirque du Sin

On our hands we are carrying the weight of the world; Times pass as history unfolds; I look, I seek, I find; Come back for you some other time; We steal, we cheat, we lie; And act like that's alright;...

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5. Filth

I can feel the tension in the air; Just the look that's in your eyes; Yeah, it's too much to bear; Take me by the hand and; Lead me to reckless abandon; I can't wait so let's cut to the chase; I want ...

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6. Haunting

Bind my hands and weigh me down; Fill my lungs 'til I am drowned; I'm done, I'm done; I've no reason to seek the light; Please return me to the night; I'm done, I'm done; I need no promise you'll be w...

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7. Leech

It started with a look so innocently; Then you spread it like a filthy disease; It won't be long until they figure you out; You ain't worth nothing but a quick in and out; Yeah it's the start, the end...

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8. My Addiction

It's not air that I breathe any longer; It's your scent that is feeding my hunger; It's the touch of your skin, you feel just like a sin; That keeps pulling me under; I don't know if there's a medicin...

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9. Sonder

There's a hole in my heart where we used to be; There's a hole I dug in the ground for you and me; This is a ghost town of memories, I don't wanna burn down; But I can't escape the pain in my head; Th...

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10. Us Against The World

Give me, give me a reason to leave it all; Cause I'm sick and tired of trying; Just one more night to feel like this; So hold on tight I'm on my way to you; Goodbye, to another lonely city; So many fa...

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11. Wake Up

I've got the eyes of a liar and a life that I can't forget; Got the mind of a thief and a heart full of grief; But I'm hungry to get respect; I'll come digging up your grave, if I've gotta be depraved...

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12. Where We Fall

I'm so sick and tired of being the one; That wakes up on the floor; And everybody tells me I've gotta go, go, go; They say that I am the life of the party; But I'm always out before it gets started; J...

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