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1. A Farewell

Don't you promise evermore; A speech; Completely wasted; Don't you bring your soul tonight; You know your mind is empty; Always showing no remorse; Today you'll drink to die; But let me let you know; ...

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2. Before We Leave

Raising from the underworld; The magic is still alive; Shining from the star above; Don't forget your dreams; Hola my hand to cross the bridge; From eden to eternity; The shades of Light becoming stro...

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3. Belong To Dreams

Outstanding hell I live; In fear & agony; Like the mistress with no love; Searching beyond dreams; To find my deepest belief; See no faith; Feel my mercy drams alone; Waiting for; I don't belong; This...

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4. Black Magic

Spell the curse; Of eternity & beyond; The ghost is come; This night I'm really lost. ; Secretly; The torch; Is burning me in hell; I see no time return; When you've made something wrong. ; Spell me; ...

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5. Circles Of Misery

This is the time; For the hopefull again; A fair inspiration; Don't blind your wisdom; Just give your hand; For the despised one; Destiny is now, misery is blind; A little help can be too much; Don't ...

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6. Dreadgaze

See the fire incide my head; It can thrills me tonight; Wonder if you can take it away; Silent dreams these nights; Restive minds of the realm undead; A million demons disobey; Wonder when this spell ...

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7. Last Repenting Soul

Raising soul from the bleeding again; Burns your hands in fire; Make it bleed. Hear the promise you denied; Heal the wings of the eagle awake; Ancients call, from beyond; Can you run? See the fires ou...

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8. Otherside

Here I am in darkness, I'm crying and waiting for you; Wait for your destiny because this is your truth; Don't keep me suffering, my soul is in your hands; That's why I'll take you when your time has ...

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9. Threshold Of Light

Awaiting in the dark; Your human soul is mine; Meet your last destination; An endless pain regard; To pay your last mistake; Suffering you'll breath as air; Your skin is going to burn; Melting all you...

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