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1. A Million Stars

Met you up at the Hollywood sign; Bright red tongue and a hand full of red vines; Fifteen bottles of corona and lime; Smashed them all yeah she's out of her mind; Took my hand and she took off her clo...

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2. Amelie

She's got a beautiful mind; Too bad she's used to defyin'; Black hour with her head held high; She's runnin', runnin', runnin'; Fifteen at the end of her life; Cast out in the dead of the night; Broke...

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3. Beautiful Drama

I think too much don't sleep enough; I live inside my head and every thought I have is you; I hate the way I love the way you wrap me round your finger then move on to someone new; Don't criticise my ...

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4. Buying Time

What a world, what a day; Looking back, couldn't take; Never thought I'd come around; Put my head under the ground; Memories, fantasies; Seventeen, baby dreams; Trying to make it on the edge; Laugh at...

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5. Humans

Easy comes, easy goes; Somewhere out the window; Give you hope, you don't know; It's never really simple; I, I'm enjoying the ride and you're no different than I; Some will change, some too late; I ma...

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6. Infamous

Can you hear it now, it's not the same; In the final chase you will not be afraid; Will you follow me to a darker place; Where we can find beauty in our embrace; When your hands are cold, but your bod...

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7. Saints Of The Sinners

Take the crown; Drag them down; Take the crown to show them how; We hear the calling; The voices crawling; And we like it loud; We will break it; We will take it; Til the show is ours; Lost boys tryin...

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8. State Of Mind

Take a seat and let me introduce myself; You've heard of me before I'm just like no one else; My faces have names and it's called my state of mind, state of mind; Can't slow down feeling 40 degrees; W...

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9. Summer Is a Curse

Burnt lips when the wind blows; Black tint on the windows; I can't see what the future holds; But I wanna know; I tip toe on the dirt road; Too hot for the devil; I can't see what the future holds; Bu...

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10. Tongue Tied

Our love's institutional; Break my brain, put my body to sleep; So un-conversational; When she's says my name; Oh so pretty; Break me down; So deceiving; Take control oh baby don't you stop; I'm not g...

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11. Where The River Runs

When I was young maybe 7 or 8 years old; Looking for you dad it's getting so late and cold; And you still hadn't come home; Mum was yelling at you said you couldn't stay; You took a hit from the bottl...

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12. Words Apart

Take me back to when your heart beat; You tell me that you just don't know; You're right here but where'd you go; Don't you desire, thought you were a fighter; Wish we could see this start to finish; ...

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