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1. All These Governors

"Generally I don't speak ill of the dead, however, I may make an exception in this case..."; When things should work, but don't work that's the work of all these governors. ; Interference by decree th...

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2. Around The Corner

Up on the rocks above the falling water it comes close; to jumping off the edge instead of standing watching what's below. And when there's frost outside of every window and cold winds blow. It comes ...

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3. Blessed Not Lucky

Went out last night when the streets were empty; (no cars, no accidents); Let go the wheel close my eyes; How could I know there was nothing out there? (no cars, no accidents); How could you know what...

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4. Cache Is Empty

If you ignore your heart things will fall apart; Your cache is empty 'cause your body's that way; Held together with no more than a membrane; Guarding all your parts is harder than being without cover...

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5. Crude Bomb

Balancing a bo on the ground seems harder; to do on two feet than to do face down and enemies; must be all around because even; on this street someone got shot down. ; Crude bomb

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6. Cut From The Cloth

Cut from the cloth, and cut quite severely; Is this my world I no longer recognize; I'm hearing common words, common expressions; But nothing is common in my eyes; How do people sleep amidst the slaug...

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7. Everybody Knows

You arrive with empty duffel bags, hungry eyed; You looked around taking measurements to move inside; The capital it is your proving ground, your centering; You and yours can keep your scores, but Was...

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8. If It's Water

True, even doesn't mean the same as equal doesn't mean the same clues, always sniffing for a sign; what's hiding; there's a prize at every crime; I'm alive, you're alive, we make warmth when we desire...

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9. King Of Kings

Hey, you? me like a butterfly; You? me, hey; Then swallowed everything inside; Then swallowed, hey; Maybe you remember I'm alive; Alarm, unarm, unarm; Arm in arm, and on our way; Hey, if you shove a f...

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10. Minding Ones Business

One, everybody clear your mind and take a breath; Two, everybody wipe your eyes and take a step; Three, everybody look all ways, but trust yourself; Four, everybody know the way you know yourself; Fiv...

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11. Mt. Pleasant Isn't

Landed here uninvolved; questions there unresolved; you cut your hand as you threw; the push the shove came to pass; the battle planned real at last but not the one you thought you knew and; anger tak...

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12. No Money

You've lost control; The difference is on your head; Keep what you stole; 'Cause now it's dead; This is the price you did not count; When you were counting me out; It's your disease crawling into my v...

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13. On The Face Of It

On the face of it; there is nothing to confront; just hypocrisy and inconsistency; while we pretend that we are alone; with our standardsbared and no profits shared; We should count our days numbered;...

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14. Pushed Against The Wall

Pushed against the wall; Ruins wastage refuse trifle debris; It is unnervingly normal; So ordinary that it looms obscene; Pushed against the wall; Smother repress weaken trifle daily; It is confoundin...

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15. Sara Lee

Look at all of this that surrounds; the hope is that it will carry through what lies ahead and beyond; what we see now; so take a look around; just look at all of this; Not necessarily the only way to...

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16. Shelter Two

Went out route seven, stopped at samadi sweets; it's all downhill from here; we stood at shelter two and listened to the trees; it's all downhill from here; went to arlington hardware to buy some elec...

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17. Until They're Clear

Nobody's home, nobody's home; Until they're clear; nobody's here; Until they're clear; nobody's on; Until they're clear; until they're clear; nobody's on or here or home; Until they're clear

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18. You Won't Feel A Thing

They don't want you to understand; Sit back, relax, let go, you won't feel a thing; Fulmination with no end; too much to comprehend; count down from ninety nine; in words ceratin slash vague; They're ...

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