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1. A Cruel Misfortune

I cannot take all the broken promises you've made; but now I'll never hear your lies; for the last time a dream you've taken cannot be denied; the pain I felt was just a moment in time; ...and I know ...

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2. A Dream's End

I find myself asking you why this drags us down? Why live with the regrets of yesterday? I've seen these things one thousand times before; But I'm still cold, waiting for the truth to set me free; Sav...

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3. A Soul Undone

A subtle gesture, a constant reminder; Of memories etched deep in me; Follow this path and it will lead you in circles; Answers you seek, remain unseen; Hope that spurred me on; Burdened by a soul und...

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4. All Hope Lost

and still you don't see; the demise the suffering; death drawing us near; our doom fueled by your fear; I see the devil in the eyes of god; feel his flesh against your burning skin; wallow in your pit...

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5. Beneath The Soil

In the endless dark it shines; It echoes through these lonely walls; Close your eyes, the light is blinding; Here beneath the soil; Searching for a silver lining; Through the loneliness and scorn; Scr...

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6. Black Serenity

I lay upon your golden wings silent and divine; I fall before your gaze never quite the same; black serenity I'll never let you go; of all the times I lay dying you're there to hear my call; I dream o...

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7. Crimson Sacrifice

before the light of dawn; I will be reborn; to taste the night and know; its everlasting ecstasy; when the seven fires burn; your beauty I adorn; in a crimson sacrifice; my blood upon the thorns; for ...

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8. Down

you told me that you'd never walk away; leave me to face my fears; your actions contradict the words you say; you lose me on the edge of a word; you take a piece of me you keep on bringing me down; bu...

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9. Everlasting

The fleeting hours fall away; Conscience calling, but still it fades; Like ships in the night that drift away; I know you're out there, but still you fade; Who has been left behind? And who has change...

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10. Hollow Inside

Night bleeds into the day; Don't know when I'll close my eyes; Feel that I've lost my pace; As I'm swallowed by the light; But if you call my name; I'll no longer fall... ; Faithless I face the days; ...

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11. In My Skin

How many reasons do I have left inside? You leave me to tend my wounds; Dreams are broken in times of silence; Words no longer find a truth; Can you see it again? Can you even pretend? How many times ...

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12. Remembrance Scars

mind control is out of control; total control has lost control; I woke up drenched head to toe in sweat; I dreamed of war while safely in my bed; two thousand miles away the fires rage; horror in my m...

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13. The Dying Light

Endless lies; Dreams that flicker like the dying light; I don't understand myself any more; Chosen words; Careful not to hit you where it hurts; Can't forgive myself this time; As I come crashing to t...

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14. The Eternal

through the mist I call; like a shadow I descend; with raven wings I devour; caressing the night in bitter moonlight; I call to thee, the eternal... ; lost in sweet oblivion; cant find your way home; ...

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15. The Sombre Light of Isolation

enter the depths of your anguished dreams; I await you, the silent, the divine; set my mind adrift with a glance; endless is the isolation... I await you; shadows dance in endless sympathy; to the lig...

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16. To Drown

Those final words, I barely heard; A passing thought, as I closed the door; Raise me up, to my blackened skies; Alone I face this colossal storm; Don't leave, Don't you ever leave, if I call; Don't le...

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17. Weight of Empathy

With sunken eyes I raise my weary head; Before the sullen rising of my apathy; I taste of the life that giveth to me; Smothered in the growing weight of empathy; Falling to my bloodied knees; I scream...

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18. Without Reason

All I’ve learned I leave behind; I’ve been running through this blind; serene and free; but I’ll never return (never return); Clinging to my desperation; I wont expect resolve; I've been waiting all m...

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