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1. Amazing Murder Machine

This confession takes place in front of a tragedy. Spontaneous combustion, eliminates all the evidence. Evil as the Incubus to spawn these ideas. The clone of society is the structure of this aggressi...

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2. Hereafter

This birth, the conception of love. Existence, no fathom of time. See death as a figure of aging. Forgotten, by a frivolous world. This alcove, drains me in fury. This night tide compels me to the gro...

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3. Impious

E’ Nomine Padre, Figli, Spiritu Sancti, Amen; In Nomine Patris, Et" Filii, Et’ Spiritus Sancti, Amen; Agnus Dei, Qui Tollis Pecata Mundi, Dona Nobis Pachem, Amen; Searching through your pockets for yo...

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4. Kissing Your Poison

Keep dreaming of this as seconds pass. I see your moments fleeting. Time withers into dust. Seconds lost in time. I hate your world! Acid rain falls from the sky. An ocean bleeds in disgust, as nature...

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5. Logic

What is the answer for intoxicated junkies? Decisions made to end this melt down. There are nightmares disguised as fairy tales. Gapping down projecting savage stares. Acid images, of bountiful disill...

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6. Mr. Barnum

Say it's easy to forget your apologies. Make your conscience relinquish its guilt. This is not Sunday mass or a holiday. Look me in the eyes and you’ll see. ; Mr. Barnum clutching his cane. Mr. Barnum...

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7. November

The Autumn horizon wakes me from my sleep. I feel your cold hand touch me and I weep. An Indian Summer, the wind gave breath to the leaves. The fall of a season. Look back from where it came. ; The fa...

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8. Stealing From The Crow

Skin and bones show her strength to me. Feathers ruffled by the cold. The only hope she has is nesting. Giving birth to vengeful children. They're stealing from the crow. To take away a mothers destin...

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9. The Other Side

I've had it in for you for so very long. Your moves remind me of the fate you drag behind. Plastic thoughts to untangle. What a perfect crime. I'm sorry to see you go, to a destination of destruction....

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10. This Dead Season

This dead season, a plagued toward conformity; Withdraw incentive like a vampire; I've known happiness, I've known pain; And these tears remain my punishment; I can't follow through the rain; Wishing ...

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11. Thou Shalt Be Done

Breathe in deep and wander in your senses. Inhale the fragrace of dried withering flowers. Banish your morals and hide away your religions. The stage is set for dying actors. If silence comes will it ...

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