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1. Breathe Underwater

Look in the mirror. What are you searching for? To disappear or, Accelerate... Our lives to their ends. I came to and found myself behind the wheel. Pilot in artificial flight. We sigh and sink into t...

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2. Buy American Machines

Hollywood's acting depressed. Medicate yourself, the teacher said to the gun. They are addicted to fear nicoteenage queers are; eating holes in the sun. Sedation is safe and clean. Buy american machin...

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3. Dislocated

I watched the cars collide. It shattered glass and; stopped time. Stealing my sight. Blinding my eyes. Our bodies disconnect. Struggle you are trapped there. Gasping for air. Abused. These hearts are ...

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4. Make Tonight

She puts her lips to a bottle of cola; I watch the kiss and it turns me on. It makes me feel as though I am helpless, there is; nothing else. She grabs my wrists and leads me to streetlights and; lock...

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5. Soundtrack To A Headrush

Slow roll quick drags. I'm gonna wrap my head in plastic. Yeah, so catch me when I... Fall down face first. I'm gonna scream gonna make it hurt. Yeah, so start the car and... ; Drive me home. Because ...

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6. The Hey Man!

[Spoken:]; Listen up, motherfuckers, this is that new unheard of unspoken; so if you're down then get down; and if you're not then get the fuck out! Yeah, with guns still smoking! We're taking off the...

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7. The Hotline

Breathing hard; Static on the line; I’ll never get enough; Emptiness of telephonic sex; I imagine you undressing and i can barely stand; Turn down the lights; Your mouth turns me to rust; So let’s unw...

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8. The New Violence

Live from the vacant lot. Everything that you dread. We are the broken teeth amassing in your head. This is the new violence. We want more. Cry if you’re feeling faint. Yeah yeah. We’ll bring the came...

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9. Xerocide

Brother we stick together. We fall apart. While we haunt these hollow halls. Inside her fathers residence. ; {When} empty heads fill crowded rooms, I can hear my own spine crack. I keep my collar up a...

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10. You Cannot Rape The Willing

How did I get so lost inside of you? I could be saved, I could be found. But get high and dry that's all I really wanna do. So I guess I'll just stick around. ; Fading going black. Gotta move, gotta w...

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