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1. Brown Eyed Girl

My brown eyed girl she lives in a brown world and lives in her brown house; And wears lots of brown shoes, but she says she hates brown; So here’s my blue eyes to bring some color to your life; And yo...

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2. Close Your Eyes

By the way your eyes find mine. Im sure of every story that I ever heard. You always say, Dont be afraid. Cause we always stay the same. We never change. Watch my words as they fell from my lips to yo...

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3. Dear Etc

Here is your letter to tell you all the things I never could before; I was always the best at lying and you know it (you know it); And I hope he makes you laugh like I could never do; And I hope that ...

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4. Hands Still

The lights go out on the ending. Put to rest all your bitterness. Your words (your words) are wearing me thin. ; And this fight that we fight, is it worth it to you? ‘Cause it’s not worth it to me; In...

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5. Keep Quiet

Sheets up around your neck and your hearts down across the floor; He’s got the best of you; yeah he’s got you right where he wants you; In between his dreams (and your legs) exactly where you don’t be...

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6. Like A Cowboy Western

Sunsets with shooting stars light photographs of what we are, Claiming to imperfection with the silence thats broken; Beneath our waking hearts and our trembling hands; The lights save up; diminish do...

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7. November Mourning

This town is quiet in this November mourning; It rained it poured as angels folded their wings and wept for you; And all of heavens stars they shined for you as you make your way back home; I’ll see y...

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8. Open Your Eyes

It didn't have to happen this way, with the words you say a thousand times; I can forgive you, but I wont forget you. Our hearts beat to the same design. ; Open your eyes to see angels wings before yo...

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9. Postcards And Polaroids

Summer is calling its wanting postcards and polaroids; And memories of last year, but I cant let go; So lets drive until we don't know what road signs to follow; And end up in Wisconsin in the winter ...

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10. Tell Me

Come a little bit closer, now; Let me feel your breath across my lips; Breathing's not so easy with these white walls all around me; We've gotta slow it down, count it out, keep your feet back on the ...

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11. Without You

I feel like my world is crashing down without you. I know that I never could go on without you. So where did your wings take you this time? So far away from me. ; You runaway to escape; But I've been ...

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