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1. Kill The Son

No God would ever tell you to kill. All wars aren’t fought for freedom. Money stains your fingers with blood, But no one ever sees this. ; Mobilize. Unify. I’d rather be ripped to shreds, Then spend a...

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2. March On Towards The Montain

One shot. One kill. One trigger left to pull. Disguised as a god, Destroyed the fraud. ; Bearers, blood-soaked, still thirsty. Our course, still sad but true. Can we see through? We should not forget....

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3. Mask Of The Damned

Within these walls; Eclipse from light. As I lay and wait to die. The blood that they spill, Won’t get you through. ; Cut short with limitations; A vast majority unsaid. You put this gun inside my hea...

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4. New Religion

The dark ages are over. And we no longer; believe in your spooks and idols. We’ve grown to powerful. Give us something more tangible. ; Race. Whether superstition-; Greed. Or fake religions –; Hate. T...

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5. The Crown

We are the cause. We are the cure. It’s so easy to see; That some lines are easily blurred. We can’t resolve, We won’t concede, It’s disgusting to see, That most truths will never be heard. ; Like war...

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