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1. Admit Defeat

He wears the mask of my unborn son; I hate you, Devil; I know that you?re a disease; But you befriended me; Now I am afraid of you; I?m afraid to breathe; I feel your blood pour into my veins; Your vo...

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2. I Never Breathed In

To you was I; The birth of another mistake; To you was I; A disease born into your son; When I?ve ripped out the eyes; The only eyes that ever looked up to you; When I grown the legs; That stand up to...

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3. Since I Was Born

I’m as scared as a child now; Just leave me on my own; When they’re putting their arms around me; And they’re breathing this into me; My lungs they will never be clean; I’d never breathe this into you...

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4. To Keep Her Safe

If the Devil is my son; Then my daughter, she is dead; She held your hand; You took her breath; You drowned her in the hell; That you?ve made; And will it rip through my hands; And will my blood ever ...

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