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1. 1849

They traveled across the angry sea in 1849; With all that they could carry; They traveled sick, they traveled blind; Their home, the starving island, just a photo in their mind; They buried the dead a...

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2. Aunt Louise

The garbage pale is loaded there’s dog food on the floor; Dead flowers in the window sill say that love doesn’t live here any more; No one ever calls ‘cause she won’t pick up the phone; The world came...

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3. It'll Be All Right

Once were the days long before we was men; But manly we was and may yet be again; For better for worse if ever I am; Down with the boys when we landed in a jam; All of the demons takin' us far from ho...

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4. Jailhouse Of County Fife

In the jailhouse of County Fife all good men did time; For celebratin' good and bad with fists and a bottle of wine; Then in the cellblock late one night a rumor passed our way; Of a blanket and a rif...

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5. Save Me As I Am

Father Brannigan took off his shirt he said …; “Tom you’ve got it bad and that ‘aint good”; Did his best to smile, said … “Tom say your prayers; Prepare to meet your maker”; Tom said … “father I’ve go...

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6. True Believer

That family tree where I come from is blowin’ in the wind; The dirt road out the front door won’t bring ‘em back again; California dreamin’ hangs on him like a curse; Barstow or Shingletown I don’t kn...

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7. Turning Point

Well I’m right back where I was before; Dawn comes quick and the day is gone once more; What’s up ahead well I don’t know; But I hear that battle call; This is the turning point; I see you under the w...

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8. We Was Wrong

Well I thought of some things I’m glad that I didn’t say; Arrows and slings in the cold grey light of day; Three men on a mission just bidding our time; Finding our wisdom in a bottle of wine; Livin’ ...

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9. What Kind Of Animal

How any fool could live like that I'll never understand; So crawl from underneath your rock and take it like a man; It takes one among the millions to blacken out the sun; Of hope and peace and freedo...

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