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1. 12th Night

Shh; There are secrets; There are secrets in us all; We've kept them in our most guarded selves; As children we were all-knowing; We were ancient as the hills; Speaking to the hidden world; Whispering...

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2. All My Love

All My Love; Fields of green and open fires; Now cold machines and wires replace dead telephone lines; If I could (If I could kill); Kill The Silence (I would kill); I would fill it up with all my lov...

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3. City of Goodbyes

Is there something I can do for you? Something I could say? That could change the path you crave to walk; Before you slip away; Knowing who you are; And its breaking me apart; Watching you lose your f...

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4. God's Pride

Waiting in silence; For your vengeance; Waiting in silence; For your judgement; Avoiding your eyes; Faking a smile; Avoiding your Heart; And what kept me sane; What gives good conscience; Can be so fa...

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5. Iron In The Soul

It's bitter sweet; When I remember; We used to think; Our life was better; We were happy and high; I know; We had no fear; Of the unknown; We were happy but blind; Let the fun lead the way; Destroy ev...

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6. Let Me In

So you've run away - again; I've been here waiting - all this time; Where will this running end; You've only got to look into my eyes; Let Me In; I'm here; There's no one else but us; Oh my love; Let ...

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7. Misery

Her face, your desperation; Realising this is the end; They laugh as you fail; As you bleed like colours in the rain; Guilt laced with lust; Tainted desire; Follow me into the fire; Delight in misery;...

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8. One Heart

It's just you and I; One tribe one heart; Calling all the strange and beautiful; Underground girls and boys; One tribe just making noise; And everyone is sane again; We're still the crazy ones; Just t...

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9. Ours Again

The years had passed me by; The seasons made no sense; The blinding snow had come; My tracks had disappeared; This is the new age; And everything has changed; Somehow we're lost again; Forever childre...

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10. Remember (Walking in the Sand)

Seems like the other day; My baby went away; He went away, 'cross the sea; It's been two years or so; Since I saw my baby go; And then this letter came for me; It said that we was through; He found so...

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11. Sin

It's all coming back to me; The way it used to be; All coming back to me; The way we used to be; Now, I'm looking back; No more guilt, I feel; it's all coming back to me; Oh I embrace our sin; Passion...

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12. Street Spirit

Rows of houses, all bearing down on me; I can feel their blue hands touching me; All these things into positions; All these things will one day swallow whole; And fade out again; and fade out; This ma...

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13. The Ardent Tide

You still wonder why; The deepest secrets hide; All the tragedies of life; It's a game we play; This creeping death is undressed; And standing before you; Heaven help me; But I Think I'm drowning deep...

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14. The Beauty Of Science

Heaven's just an endless sky alive; With galaxies and universes; Pulsing with electrons ten to the power of almost eighty; Don't confuse the northern lights with gods; They've come from the sun to the...

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15. The Empty Space

Shiver in the darkness; The empty space; That fills this place; Memories are fading; The ones I tried; To climb inside; You are still pretending; There's something here; There's nothing here; I can fe...

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16. To Believe In Something

To Believe in Something; So here we are; after all these years; mesmerised by all thats nothing; or anything to do with what we started; or with who we are; Was is what you always wanted? To believe i...

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17. Verdades

This dream is just treasure; And I have chosen you; No me preguntes si te amo; porque esa pregunta me ofende; si pudiera colocar moneda sobre moneda; para hacer una torre de todo lo que siento; créeme...

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18. Words and Deeds

For you I've traveled long in tribe; She never left my side; Then I told her of the war; The Deed against the Word; The endless fight; Courage for everything they said; Silence for every deed they pre...

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