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1. Find Me

You said you didn't know me not the other way around; Yeah! You said you didn't know me so I'd never turn you down; I hear you talk about me asking where am I now; Last time that we've met you didn't ...

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2. No Sugar

Girl; You make my heart pump mad like it's full of caffeine; No; I can't avoid having another cup in my veins; Some; Might say things just don't work like this; They; Wouldn't believe; Couldn't achiev...

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3. Not Enough

Although you're famous; no one knows you at all; you think you're lucky; but it's just your fall; Right on the top now it's amazing; It's a mistake you don't know where they're gazing; Look at the mir...

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4. Red Lights

Sell your dreams, make a bet; Fill your mind, then just forget; Follow me and lose your soul; Cuz you already know that you'll never know. ; Find the ground; Lock and load; Siren sounds; Hit the road;...

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5. Shame

Round and round spinning; Hangover's winning; Can't stand living; I think I've had enough. ; What were you thinkin'? Can't stop spinning; Gotta keep on working; I'm sure I've had enough; Again and aga...

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6. The Last Cigarette

Oh, you're gonna feel electric; Your hands will be shaking; No sweet dreams tonight; Cause you need the last cigarette. ; The pills are not working; No therapy can help now; You can listen to lullabie...

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7. Who Knows

I climb these stairs by your side; My thrill is gone and I wanted more; Lots of eyes below the dimmed lights; I just don't know what I was waiting for. ; You know that look you know I wanna try; I can...

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8. Your Advice

She is dancing, picking a nice dress; She knows everyone will be on her feet; Forgets about the time in all this mess; It's all a part of her game, yeah, she is complete. ; She feels pleasure in seein...

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