The Dying Year

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1. A Kiss That Cuts

A loaded gun is what you've become and all you need now is; someone to pull the trigger. She was everything that you'll; never need, no never. So lay down in your bed of lies and get; comfortable, you...

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2. Apollo Poxy

My heart beats quickly up my throat, out of my mouth and onto; your floor, and finds it's way underneath your feet. How could; I have ever been so blind, how could I let you let me down this; time? Th...

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3. Lucky 22

It seems we've got ourselves a little situation. Your life is so layed out with barely time to breathe. A constant reminder with every picture taken down of how much I miss you now. No, no, dont try a...

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4. Uppercut

Theres a reason for the guilt behind your eyes, you can see im; Catching on. you dress your secrets in disguise, but i saw you; Take them off. how long did you think you could go on hiding; This from ...

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