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1. Dawn

Dawn; The Dude; I'm gliding in a calm liquid; My mind is lonely, my consciousness asleep; I'm swinging gently, Carried by a steady sound; I'm sliding, moved by a shiver; The beat's quickening, everyth...

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2. Don’t Know Why

Kyou mo BIRU mae no; UINDO ni atsumatte; Konna bounce yatte; Odori tsuduketeru oh oh... Kimi to te wo tsunaida; Atsui yoru no koto; Nanka omoidashite; Denwa kaketemiru ima sugu; Aitai kara; Kimi wo da...

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3. Mister Police

Hey mister police( take your time; I don’t have(to) work so I’ve got mine; And maybe we can share it; Hey mister police take it slow; I don’t have papers only smoke; And you will never find it; Hey mi...

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4. Selfish Guy

I'm happy, I'm not happy; I feel good, I feel so bad; I'm laughing, crying at the same time; My thoughts are flying so high; My thoughts are crawling in a marsh; I'm sure, I could rule the world; What...

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5. Specially For You

Specially for you; The Dude; I won’t live this life sitting here alone, Staring at the see staring at the sun; Like a good old man enjoying the dawn; For it is the last,he’s on the way home; I will fl...

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