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1. Better Than You Think

Start sound like; She says "I wanna go back"; But you say "is too late to change it"; She says I don't wanna go, no more; One day she says; You are better than you think; One day she says; You are bet...

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2. Catch The Rider

What am I gonna do today; If you don't decide to call; I might even like it, I might even like it; If I try; Going somewhere; Somewhere, somewhere; Only I know; So I can try to find; I can try to find...

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3. Two Reasons

Always two reasons, to hide, the way; And there for two reasons, to lift it on the face; We'll find a reason, to stay the day; Cause they call us names, and put us to shame; We are, who we are; We lov...

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4. Undress Your Soul

Undress your soul; I'll tell you mine; If you tell me yours; It'll all be fine; Lay on the beach; Close those eyes; Listen slowly; As the water reaches your thighs; I heard the race is only begun; Don...

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