The Duane Peters Gunfight

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1. Gunfighter

small town arizona hell; willy boy is turnin' twelve; stole a gun and killed a girl; bird cage knot is on his belt; what goods a woman for; killed his motherfuckin' whore; what goods a woman for; grav...

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2. Hell Mary

got no time to slice yer wrists; not a lot of time to knife yer neck; were overworked were underpayed; pickin' cotton in yer field of dreams; problem people bought confusion; one state fog of illusion...

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3. Last Cowboy

the sun set many moons have past; and we killed a lot of men; i rode that horse till she couldn't move; we lived without amends; i kept my word as the town was burned; apache's around the bend; just a...

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4. My D.n.a

a vaccination at an early age; shape shifting reptiles rule the maze; the polar shifts, dimensions will merge; obey their god, obey their word; ain't gonna be electricity; all yer money's in a bank ma...

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5. Smoke 'em

I can't smoke inside bar; can't smoke in a restaurant; got a ticket on the sidewalk; just for lightin' up; can't smoke in the boys room; can't smoke without the look; of yer killin' us; [Chorus]; arre...

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6. War With You

You! sow in the mud, a human container till the end of the world; You! cow in the grass, eat all you can, Till the end of the world! Useless eaters dead of infection, the dream is over, Back to regres...

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7. Yer To Sensitive

poor little emo life isn't fare; you need a lotta tender loving care; ink on yer knuckles, say hard luck; ain't you the baby with a trust fund; got you a platform called the warped; emotaph will give ...

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