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1. Give Me A Chance

“I don’t argue with you; You always were right; I’m the guilty for everything; I’m the guilty for loving to you”; Sometimes I wish I were more honest; I didn’t want to lie; I just want to say that; Yo...

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2. Illusion

I miss you but I’m afraid of coming back; I’ve already felt in your eyes that; I’m nothing for you; Only today I perceived; I’ll stand in the loneliness; And how much time will I be like thus? Then......

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3. I’ll Be Better Tomorrow

I try to feel you; You know nothing about me; You let me out of breath; I wanna to be alone; I need to sleep; Don’t turn on TV; Don’t stand by me; I’m tired; I need it. Get lost! It’s my time now; You...

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4. Lost On The Streets

I am hungry, but nobody helps me; I am cold, but nobody warms me; I am sick, but nobody heals me; I am dirty, but nobody sees me; I’m an abandoned animal; Lost on the streets; Nobody wants to help me;...

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5. New Age

I feel smell of hunger; And the shout of despair; The violence is more a fashion; And everybody wish her... ; I feel the shout of pain; Of people that don’t have what eat; Cities that shelter monsters...

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