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1. A Shell Across The Tongue

Her hands clasped 'round my collar; She threatens me, says; '"I remember who you used to be"; Well, I don't deal with feeling comfortable; Oh, I don't deal with that at all; He scraped a shell across ...

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2. Bellingham

step into a secret world; where songs will be forever heard; break out of the underground; join the harmony crusade; tell your friends to do the same; spread this sight and sound around; from failure ...

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3. Bittersweet

I don't want to hear from you again; because it will only make things harder than they are; no unexpected midnight calls; stop confusing me, we can't go on like this; I never knew that I could feel so...

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4. Death Has Never Been a Friend of Mine

save his soul today; prepared in black and gray; fought it out; from a sick bed; sound the bell again; destruction's noble prey; celebrate; the jumping off place; and it's all so unnecessary; worn out...

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5. Deflowered

deflowered on a moonlit night; the party's over, had no right; smallest feet and shortest step; broken lips hide sickened breath; remembrance lost in tarnished mold; life's destruction will unfold; da...

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6. From A Distance

she won't settle for a creep like me; ain't i good enough for her; please don't kick me when i'm down; because you can't kill what's already dead; watching from a distance; trying to see i'm dying to ...

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7. Is There Something Else

you should have finished what you started; instead of leaving my heart departed; with a promise of something better on the other side; I stayed up all night just thinking; but tonight I'm gonna try dr...

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8. One Star

you're groundless in assertion; a deceitful pen at play; there's nothing as apparent; as a shallow mind's display; one star (one star); and you're wrong (you're wrong); you make me sad inside; don't m...

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9. Postello

oe oee; here's a version of the truth; oe oee; so make the time and hear me out; oe oee; before you pack and say goodbye; oe oee; forget your sleepy little town; and every little schoolgirl; will fall...

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10. Seasonal Affective Disorder

black & white is all around; and more is coming down; melt into the shades of gray; hence increased fatality; darkest day & blackest night; frigid all around; kill the rain & beat the cold; thaw me de...

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11. Summer Break My Fall

too dark, too soon and no action; this started a chemical reaction; fall asleep, falling deep, come ascension; this martyr is looking for attention; summer break my fall; summer break my fall; hear me...

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12. Think of Me

I felt like I just had to cry a bit today; and every day is darker than the one before; I think I've earned the right to stay in bed all day; doing nothing, waiting for the phone to ring; hey, is it r...

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13. Virus

it won't help to tune away; every station's bound to play; the radio's been wasted; when you go to sleep at night; I'll be there to do you right; this song will make you dull; I'm a virus upon man; fo...

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14. Watch Your Change

Talk about our lives so great for a change; You're normally so down; Want to come out again; Such a shame; Last time you last so soon; I tried showing up, never out for life to lead; Tried to represen...

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15. Winter Left You Alone

you say it's hard to find someone; so you're still alone; and you're making it much harder; when you forget to smile; desperation's not attractive; it's got it's brand on you; you've got to stop the s...

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