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1. All or Nothing

I know when he's been on your mind; That distant look is in your eyes; I thought with time you'd realize; It's over, over; It's not the way I choose to live; And something somewhere's got to give; As ...

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2. Autumn Calling

These pictures will go on and never end; I've ripped up the pages and gone through the stages again; So forget this notion, she will be here in the morning; Sickness, falling on family; She will get o...

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3. Beep Beep Johnson's Pond

So nevermind the reasons; It's all about the leaving; I wish that i had know; I wish that i had acted; And if you ever find out why; We can't say goodbye; Don't forget me, After summer we won't have t...

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4. Begging The Question

Black and white and overly dramatic; all the colored lights give the people headaches; never could keep inside the lines; i think there's symbolism there; i never was good with goodbyes; that's how i ...

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5. F.y.b

She looks in the mirror, and the seas are swell. A loser nation makes her starve herself. The house is on fire, she threw dishes in the street. Her body is a prison, standing on two feet. ; [Chorus:];...

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6. For A Dream

This house of cards is vacant; Maybe we can get a room; Cuz you know it'll all come tumbling down next year; We're all in this together; Cuz we've all seen better days; If it stays like this forever; ...

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7. If You Need Me

So when were you going to let it fall from your lips? Over wires I hear that I've been killing you for weeks; I say "sorry"; It's all that I can do; Cuz my moments with you are what keep me going; So ...

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8. K Through 12

More to do; In a lot less time; I could have bought some; But "never-a-dime" doesn't help; I turned to crime, What seemed the only option, The adoption of a plan put in effect:; To pillage minutes; Wh...

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9. Learning To Walk Away

Won't it be a lonely life for you; When you wallpaper rooms with IOU; receipts given to all your friends? When things are so thick you can't not trip over their bodies; Knives deep in them so you can ...

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10. Less Friends, Drier Eyes

"I'm never going to cry again"; It was the first lie that she told me; But what could i say except; "I wish you never had to in the first place"? And even though you feel small and scared; I hope you ...

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11. My Last Bad Idea

Sitting in this sweatshirt you wore, smelling of you; Might be as close as I get to being in your shoes; It seems everyone is in constant disrepair; Tectonic plates beneath our skin; Send earthquakes ...

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12. Over

Each and every conversation Invading my Privacy; So cleverly the situation Stripped and masked by all intention; Complicated indecision decides to reside here-in; So drained and sucked by all frustati...

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13. Six Ways From Sunday

We never mentioned this part. The first time you asked me to call, you didn't say you'd stop; hanging out so soon. And I wish I wasn't such a bore, you never said it'd be this tough; to forget that yo...

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14. Skateboard Girl

Kind of unsure; She pushes herself in the street; She rolls by me; And our eyes meet; Its love at first site; Ill be with her tonite; Shes the girl for me; Through boston on the t; Shes a skateboard c...

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15. Solitaire

I tried to get into a show, I searcherd around for those who´d know; When you´re alone isn´t it low, can no one understand; At times I wished for a best friend, someone to hear my secret ends; But whe...

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16. Thanks For The Ride

Gimme just one minute of my own time; To prepare for our time; A waste of your time; It's as precious as you to die for me; But you've been feeling tired so what now; A few misplaced words and scatter...

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17. Wish For A Song

I'm making your wish come true, so I wrote this song about you. I want you to know the words better than I do. I want you to sing along, to every word in this song. If I wrote them about anyone else; ...

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