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1. Blink Of An Eye

Why are we here? Why should I care? Why should I bother? Sitting alone; While you stare at your phone; Wasting my time; What can you say that's better than me; I'm sick of waiting; While you stare at ...

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2. Breathing

I just called to say I'm sorry; I just called to let you know; I'll always be here dying for you; Right now I know you hate me; You probably wish me dead; I'd rather die than live without you; I'm beg...

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3. Bullet

Every word you ever spoken was a fucking lie; Every promise ever made youve broken; I tried to kill you but that part of me can never die; Pull the trigger I surrender all control; I need you in my li...

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4. Destroy

You walk the walk but damn the consequences; With no remorse you go in for the kill; Well I don't want revenge, but retribution; So in the end you know just how it feels; I want to destroy everything ...

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5. Empty Promises

I've ignored your endless stream of lies; Your pathetic attempts to justify; But all your words ring hollow after time; Smoke and mirrors decide to pacify; I'm sick of your empty promises; So sick of ...

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6. End In Tears

If you feel guilty look around; Stare out at the world and wonder; How long till our secret's found; How long till it pulls me under; Will they let us live in doubt; Will they make us take it to the g...

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7. Every Trace

Everywhere that I go I can see you; Your ghost won't die; And every breath that I take I can feel you; Here by my side; You haunt me every moment; You stole my life; I must break these chains that bin...

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8. Fight For You

You made your bed; So go and lie in it; You got your kick; I hope you choke on it; Is this what you want; Because its what you get; You've dug your grave; So go an die in it; If you think I'm goin to ...

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9. Hole

My whole world stopped spinning without you; The heavens lay dead in the sky; I cried to the angels to bring you home to me; But that is not be destined to be in this life; Now I'm lost and alone; And...

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10. Kisses Tastes Like Death

*Black masks*, at first sight; A dark angel from a dream that haunts me; Your mouth, felt so right; Burning deep until I begged for mercy; Why do all your kisses taste like death? Tell me; Why do all ...

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11. Painkillers

I need painkillers now; I can't allow myself to think about you; The memories are still too raw to bear; I need more than a drink or two; To drive away the thoughts of you; Wish I could feel nothing a...

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12. Rise Again

You - you took everything; When you brushed us side; You - you took everything; We needed to survive; You left us here with nothing; But this burning hate inside; You - you took everything; Then left ...

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13. Stiches

I am the empty I am the hollow; I am the silence I am the sorrow; And I have nothing left to beg steal or borrow; I am a hollow man; All the pain I feel; I can't let it heal; Keep tearing out the stit...

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14. Still Believe

I now defy your memories; I close my eyes but the only thing I see; Is always you; I wonder what our life would; I wonder if you still remember me; I need to know; Do you feel the way that I do? Do yo...

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15. There Will Be Blood

I'm drowning in your silence; A death much worse than violence; And I can feel you slowly drift apart; So these are left behind us; With only ghost to remind us; Of a time when our love was still aliv...

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16. Throw It Away

Over and over I hide; Secrets I should not keep; Sabotaging off of fake love; Destroying your faith in me; I'm throwing this all away; I'm throwing this all away; Little more everyday; We throw it awa...

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17. Too Late

You're the one who left me here on my own; Not a word of explanation even a note; And now you're begging me to let you come home; My friends told me that you've shacked up with some guy; You're partyi...

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