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1. Boxer + Clover

Lonely heart; Here's the message; I've been trying to send to you; You can say that you want; All that you want; But you don't really want me; You're just holding on to the thought; Aren't you? My lon...

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2. Bright Lines

It's probably me that's making you uncomfortable; Maybe I just better wait too long; I tell you 'bout all the reasons why; I need warming up; Like a burn that leaves a mark; Bright lines; Bright lines...

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3. Drive You Home

All of my strength is gone; I don't know what you want; In a little while, the sun comes low; I don't want to be here anymore; Right up the road and taking me all morning; If I told you now I could al...

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4. The King Of Norway

Go, have dreams; Better ones than I could; Don't listen to me; Going on, so long; I'm in all the way; I'm in all the way; Close and steady now; Until I know; Turn it around I said it too late; I'm gon...

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