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1. Boyfriend In Oxford

My ex boyfriend is livin' in oxford; My future boyfriend is livin' in, livin' in; Go, go, I won't go there, far, far it's too far from here! I won't go there 'cause I don't need proof; So much better ...

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2. Do You Like Boys

I used to ask several questions like; You were not an empty fire; You were not an empty fi-i-ire; You were not so . He; I keep on fallin when youre not here; I keep on fallin while you keep smiling; I...

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3. Ghost

Now I'm allowed; To make up my mouth; And lick the ground; But not until they make it clean; I'm not becoming a dead dirty girl; Now I'm allowed; To shout up loud; And stab his chest I can't do what y...

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4. History Of Another Day

I think I’ll kill you another day, another; Cause I can’t find another way, another; I want to make myself every day stronger; I want you to pay and suffer; Give me your give me your hand; O for a whi...

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5. Weapon

Weapon; May approve the things I told him; May return everything the day between; It? s not really wanted; May be conserned by my idea; May discover the world over him; It ?s not really wanted; Is it ...

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6. Werewolf In Love

Werewolf in love; You can kill me; You can bring me home and if you?re late; I can kill you; I can bring you home or even hell; Hey ? ha ! Hey ? ha ! You can kiss me; You can stroke me now but if you?...

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