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1. A Matter Of Facts

Water flows and river goes; Dumb men don't, but wise men knows; It's all a matter of facts. ; People die and some get born; There's no trumpet with no horn; It's all a matter of facts. ; Yeah, if ther...

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2. De Boerderij

Ik was eens op een boerderij, ik was een dagje uit; En ik speelde met mijn fluit, dat kostte mij geen duit; (Ha ha); Toen ik door de voortuin liep, riep iedereen mij toe; Ja, zelfs de struise boerenme...

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3. Dizzy On The Rocks

Yeah, come on everybody, come; And sing with the band (oh yeah!); Well, I want all of you to stand up; and get with it 'till the end (oh, yeah); Right, come on; Oooh! Well, come on, feel the rhythm; R...

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4. Everyday In Action

I like to trim; 'cause I wanna be in good shape; So I do my best to keep my body fit; 'cause I know a sport; That is really, really groovy; (groovy, groovy); The name of the sport; Is called the game ...

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5. Fire

Maniac in town tried to burn it all down; The piromaniac who looks like me and you; But I know his name; And I don't think he's insane; It is me and I just like to raise a fire; They all try to catch ...

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6. Let's Go To The Beach

Feel it in the air; Taste it on my lips; Sunny times are coming; Summerland is near; Have communication; Come along with me; Have a celebration; For funny times are here. ; Let's make joy, let's have ...

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7. Money The Phoney

Money the phoney, money; Money the phoney, money; Money, money, money; Money, money, money; Gee, I love that money; Eventhough all the guys in the group say she's phoney; They don't like her, they don...

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8. Red

I've read it all, it's black and white; The spectrum made a shade I like; The crimson rays are ruby bright; Oh, technicolor light; (red, red!) I want red; There's no substitute for red; (red, red!) pa...

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9. The Opera

Hé if you wanna have some show; I know where you have to go; In every town's a concert hall; Where we gonna have a ball; It seems a bit official style; But we can join it for a while; So let's go to t...

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10. Tickatoo

Sittin' in the jungle; Waitin' for my uncle; Waitin' 'till he takes me home; Been waitin' here for six days; Couldn't find the right ways; To find my way back home; But then a strange thing happened; ...

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11. Turkey Turkey

Turkey turkey; You're a lovely country; Turkey turkey; You're a cozy land. You're the land of chiskebab and raki; You're the place of living I have planed. Places full of very friendly people; Always ...

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12. Zig Zag City

(Hey!); (Hey!); I left my home with some guy named Joe; To find a place he mentioned some time ago; He said to me: "It's a far out place; It's a great place to get spaced; We drove for miles and the r...

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