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1. 4th and Roebling

Sunshine stretching like valley riverbeds; They call my name from down the hall; Oh if I leave, would you go with me? Would you lay me down to get my sleep? And I don't know if I use my head the right...

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2. 6 Am

It's 6am, I'm shivering beneath the bed sheets; The pillowcase fell off last night when I held it in my arms; I read; Short stories, while you twitched in your sleep beside me; your Breath it fell so ...

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3. Bold

Am I laying late awake again; Is the snow down on the lawn again? All these worries falling on my head; While I was staring at the dishes piled; Just waiting for the spring to thaw my smile; It was fr...

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4. Call Box

I ohh; Well I don't know where I'm going; And I don't know where I am; And I; It's a shame I don't know who I am; But by now you might think I can; And I don't want to be something that I'm not; And I...

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5. Cheap Regrets

I rose a statue over cheap regrets; I put my head into my hands; I rose a statue for the things I said; Tongue twisting, head into my hands; I didn't know what a mirror was; 'til I went to La; Jacuzzi...

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6. Chlorine

Sitting, it's been dark here before; I can't help but wanting you to come back; Thinking, it's been darker here before; But I don't feel alive; Maybe I'm not breathing; It's such a shame; Nobody's fee...

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7. Heavy Begs

You've narrowed it down to the singular; Of course you've won; There's about a thousand lives; Flushed down fairmount park; The needle on the thread line stitches; Tries to wrap its seems down all our...

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8. Hounds

Fell down in the shower; Right as I was thinking about; Wishing this all away; I blamed it on the bad luck; Before my habits became untouched; Now they're bright as day; I'll be around; But bernie kno...

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9. Long Distance

Talking through a tin can; I can see your face in the sun with your eyes closed; Stare outside now; Watch the dreams, they slide; Ronnie on the stone, towed me from the ground; Water seeps below; Fits...

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10. Peaches

I don't want to sing about the peaches in the Vatican; And I don't want to hear about the bird on the hill; And why you want to fight when you know that I'll be gone again? I don't want to write God's...

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11. Sing The Song

I heard it from paulson, or is he me? As he lay out in the bath stared up at the grout; Iodine hue stains dripping; Bernice is curled up, reposed, smooth and bare; Beneath sheets of floral blankets an...

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12. Suburban Smell

There's 16 homes on every street; They all of course lie in the neatest rows; Cradling broken homes and dinner prayers; Rocking us all to sleep in bones; Which one's mine, I can't tell? Sick of that s...

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13. Young Blood

I spoiled just like wine; Left a sour taste in your mouth; You said, it was not that that I changed; I just strayed; In the dark of the night; Love is patient and wise; But it's not always kind; When ...

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